The Simplest Way to Get Beautiful Skin

Every woman dreams of attaining flawless skin — so unblemished and fine that even without makeup you feel like million bucks. But unfortunately on a daily basis it’s difficult to follow a strict beauty regime (who has the time, right?) But the fact remains that even though you might be preparing to look stunning on an important day with the perfect outfit, accessories and makeup, the one thing you just cannot afford to ignore is your skin.

Yes, makeup can do the trick for a limited period of time but trust us when we say this – no amount of makeup can make you look impeccable if your skin is in bad shape. Healthy glowing skin is the very foundation to looking and feeling great and today we are going to talk about the simplest way you can get beautiful skin.

Do You Need A Specialised Skin-Care Regime?

First and foremost, you need to take extra special care of your skin. Make sure that you follow good skin care habits – cleanse, tone and moisturize every day. You’ll also need to schedule regular facial treatments to get rid of dead skin cell accumulation, tighten and tone your facial skin to get clear and flawlessly glowing skin. However, all these treatments work on the ‘Outside’.

Your skin is your body’s largest organ; hence whatever happens on the INSIDE will reflect on the OUTSIDE, irrespective of how many expensive spa and facial treatments you book yourself into.

If you want your skin to be firm, healthy and glowing, you need to tweak your diet as well as lifestyle habits. The simplest way to attain that is by consuming Amino Collagen – Japan’s leading beauty supplement, which is now available in India and guarantees to give you glowing, radiating skin naturally.


Collagen is the most important structural protein in the skin and plays a key role in providing structural scaffolding for cells & tissues. Collagen is also responsible for giving skin a plump, supple, smooth and youthful appearance, being the very key to flawless, healthier and glowing skin. Daily intake of Collagen is required to maintain optimal skin health.

Amino Collagen is a beauty food made from high quality, low molecular collagen peptide. It contains fish collagen – an essential skin protein for flawless skin, along with three added ingredients that offer immense skin benefits and makes it even more effective at achieving beautiful skin. These are:

  • Arginine – An amino acid that is essential for healthier skin.
  • Vitamin C – An essential vitamin that supports collagen and act as anti-oxidant.
  • Glucosamine – A component of Hyaluronic acid that helps the skin maintain natural moisture to stay supple and younger looking naturally.

How to Use

Simply add the powder to anything you fancy – hot or cold beverages, smoothies, or even juices. You can also add Amino Collagen to dals, sabzis, rice and gravy dishes after they have been cooked to make it a part of your regular diet. The best part? It’s very easy to use as well, since it is odourless, colourless and tasteless by itself.

So for that perfect skin tweak your diet by making Amino Collagen a part of your regime and see the visible results in just 28 days.

Along with daily consumption of Amino Collagen, make sure that you

  • Consume lots of natural antioxidants in the form of fruits and vegetables,
  • Get sufficient sleep every night,
  • Combat stress through meditation and yoga,
  • Stay hydrated by drinking 8-10 glasses of water every day, and
  • Avoid exposure to atmospheric pollutants

If you really want to get your skin in top form no matter the day, get started right away!

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