About Collagen

What is Collagen?

Collagen is a freely occurring protein in the body that plays a major role to keep skin naturally healthy. It also helps in skin cell regeneration; keeps skin moisturized.
Benefits of collagen:
• Improves suppleness & elasticity of our skin
• Provides optimal skin health

The relationship of skin & collagen

Collagen supports the outer layer like a spring in the dermis. As ageing process begins, the skin loses its collagen resulting in lose skin. This is why low elasticity is the reason for wrinkles, creases and dry skin.

Why do I need a Collagen supplement?

It isn’t any wonder that as we grow older, we find the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on our skin. This, along with lifestyle and environmental factors like stress, sun exposure and pollution results in other skin problems like dark circles, uneven skin tone, rough skin texture and more. A collagen supplement helps to provide the body’s required need of collagen to maintain healthy, youthful & naturally glowing skin.

Did you know? As we age, the amount of Collagen in our body naturally starts decreasing

Why there is a shortage of collagen in India?

A normal Indian diet does not provide Collagen. Even chicken and fish has very little collagen. Collagen is present only in skin, bone, tendon and cartilage.








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