Clinical Evaluation

Clinical Study & Efficacy of Amino Collagen in India

Overall visible difference on the face

2 graph with labels rev-02

*Placebo is a simulated or otherwise medically ineffectual treatment intended to deceive the recipient.

Clinical Study in India

We asked women varying from ages 30 to 50 in Mumbai to try Amino Collagen. We made two teams of 34 women each, one of which would try Amino Collagen and the other placebo*. The condition was one team would take approximate 7g of Amino Collagen once a day for four weeks while the other would take placebo* and both would continue with their usual skincare regimen. After 4 weeks, the skin conditions of 68 women from both groups were compared (moisture content, glow, whitening, softness and what they felt). Women who used Amino Collagen saw their skin had significantly improved.

Moisture Content

Glow [ L* Value ]

Whitening [ ITA Value ]

Softness [ RO Value ]

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